5 reasons why increased guarantees are a good investment

5 reasons why increased guarantees are a good investment

When you buy a vehicle car extended warranties can offer many benefits that are well worth the investment.

Usually referred to as automobile extended warranty when sold by a third party the product is considered to be a vehicle service or a mechanical interruption insurance depending on your country of residence. For simplicity we will continue to use the terms Extended Car Warranty Extended Warranty for Mercury etc. for the rest of this article.

Extended car guarantees provide coverage that not only pays the cost of repairs but also helps to cope with any inconvenience you may encounter in a breakdown by offering such things as guidance towing or rental.

Basically there are extended guarantees as insurance for your car. But like any other insurance its important to do the research and find the best solution for your situation taking into account the age and reliability of your vehicle as well as your lifestyle your finances and how long you plan to keep your car before buying a new one. Remember to take the time to ask important questions such as deductible amounts trustworthiness ratings and claims procedures to help you know exactly what you pay for and what to expect if you need to use the coverage.

Some extended warranty plans have received a lot of criticism but by doing homework you can avoid bad experiences and ensure that you get the best possible coverage for your money. Good extended guarantees offer many benefits that make them a wise choice for car owners.

Extended and complementary coverage.

The manufacturers original warranties are limited and the length of this coverage may vary for different parts or systems within the vehicle. An extended warranty not only exceeds the age and mileage as described in the original warranty it may also include items not covered by the manufacturers warranty. For example a manufacturer can only agree to cover repairs on an air conditioning system for a year while your extended warranty may allow you to fix these problems free of charge for you as long as the coverage is in place.

No unforeseen expenses or repair bills.

Automobile extended warranties can reduce your stress levels by eliminating repair costs for surprise and cost of money. Repair costs increase especially with the increasing complexity of electrical and computer systems and the growing number of options that are included in vehicles. With a good guarantee you can keep your car running without worrying about getting a big repair bill in a very uncomfortable time. And if you buy an extended warranty at todays prices you also protect against higher expenses in the future due to the increased cost of parts and work.


Some people do not mind taking the chance to be self assured and pay for repairs as they come. But if youre not a riskmaker and calm in knowing that you can fix your car when needed without worrying about saving money or juggling then an extended warranty is a good option. And since most warranties offer other benefits such as road services rental cars or towing you will still be able to get to work meet your meetings and fulfill all your obligations without any hassles.


Many manufacturing guarantees require that you have repairs performed at a retailer. However with third party extended warranty coverage you get the flexibility to take your car to a certified facility making it more comfortable for you and ensuring youre still protected even if the dealer is out of order.

Increase resale value.

Many car extended warranties can be transferred making them a good selling point for a potential buyer. It is also likely that a car with an extended warranty has been taken care of and repaired properly making it attractive for people who want to buy a used vehicle.

If you shop and find the right coverage for you extended warranties can be a good investment and will buy you the peace of knowing that you are protected from inconvenience and unexpected expenses that are often associated with car crash.

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